What Do Researchers Say About Reiki

What Do Researchers Say About Reiki

What Do Researchers Say About Reiki
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These days, there are lots of amazing things that scientists discover, not to talk about the fact that in terms of medicine, things have evolved a lot over the years. Reiki is one of those healing therapies that have become very popular due to its positive results. It is true that opinions are shared and some people do not believe in this, but Reiki still remains at a higher level. For more information about this subject, here is what researchers say about Reiki.

There have been used different measures for many types of pain, stress, blood pressure, anxiety, and heart rate as well, in order to see the health improvements that this therapy gives. Researchers came to a positive conclusion as the results were positive. Measures that incorporate stress reduction and quality of life definitely have the best potential for demonstrating the benefits of this wonderful therapy.

Five studies that have shown how good Reiki is for people with diabetes, prostate cancer, stress, fibromyalgia, and advanced AIDS. People all over the world have been healed with this therapy. We also need to mention that the same people tried other treatments but without any positive results.

We all know that increasingly more people deal with a high level of stress these days and most of them have tried different methods to reduce it, such as sport, meditation, yoga, and so on, but the results were not as good as they expected them to be. Therefore, Reiki is a great way to obtain the desired results, and trying this alternative will certainly not bring you any disadvantage.

An important detail that researchers have noticed is that those patients who are more spiritual and feel better about themselves are a lot easier to treat than those who are pessimistic. They say that it is essential to be open mind and also very positive so that the effects can be positive. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is the one that has made all the studies we mentioned above.

If you make some research you will find out lots of opinions about this healing method, some of them negative. However, it is very important that you are well informed about Reiki, and then you can draw your own conclusion and see exactly if this type of therapy is what you need or not. At the Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews, you will find a review about the use of touch therapies, including Reiki, for all sort of pain, and also a very useful protocol for use of this therapy for many psychological problems. It is also recommended to talk with a therapist for more details in order to make the best decision for you and your health.

As a conclusion, all the studies that researchers have made are very important because they can highly increase credibility and more people will start to trust this healing method in the future. Therefore, there will be more individuals who will become healthy again and enjoy life to the fullest.