Enhance Your Décor with Skirting Boards

Enhance Your Décor with Skirting Boards

Enhance Your Décor with Skirting Boards
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Forgetting about skirting boards is all too easy, especially because they usually blend so well with the room and their only purpose is to protect the walls and the floor. If your room is nicely decorated and designed then you probably never even notice the skirting boards.

The experts behind Skirting World think that it is a shame to ignore the skirting boards completely. What if you were to choose skirting boards made of high-quality materials and designed nicely? Wouldn’t they deserve to be highlighted and showcased? Here is how you can significantly enhance the overall aspect of your skirting boards and use them as a key design feature.

Choosing the right color

When the majority of people are asked to say the color that they most often associate with skirting boards, they almost always and without an exception saying ‘white’. But skirting doesn’t always have to be white. In certain cases, departing from the classical styles is best and it can improve the vibe that your home has.

If you choose a darker shade or color for the skirting boards, then you can create a nice contrast with light colored furniture and decorations. Therefore, the skirting boards will be used to enhance the interior décor of the home.

If you are brave enough, you can even think about colors instead of just shades. Would you like to have blue or green skirting boards? It might sound strange at first, but we’ve seen some amazing designs where the skirting was painted in vivid colors.

Choosing a nice wallpaper

Choosing the right wallpaper is extremely important as it can match or contrast the color of the skirting boards.

If the wallpaper is very ‘extravagant,’ with lots of different colors, styles, or patterns, this will probably be the first thing that your eye notices when analyzing the area. Therefore, the skirting will probably go unnoticed. That said, what you should do is choose a plain skirting if your wallpaper is ‘too much’ or be bold and make an interesting color combination. After all, you are the one who sees it every day, so you should choose something that you love.


Are the skirting boards visible or noticeable?

In some cases, the room is too dark for the skirting boards to be visible. Before choosing a skirting board style, think whether or not you can actually see it? If you want to emphasize the skirting, you can install LED lights or other types of illumination systems that make the room less dark.

All in all, the color, the style of the walls, and the lighting are very important aspects that you need to consider before choosing a style for your skirting boards. Keep in mind that you can be bold and choose whatever you like in matters of color. Nowadays, skirting boards don’t necessarily have to be white.